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Is your company making the impact you know it can? Have you been thinking of outsourcing or hiring a creative firm to help guide your brand in the right direction? Welcome to Graphic Regime, established 15 years ago as Cj Design in Santa Cruz, California.

We’re seasoned brand building experts, visual designers and marketing professionals helping companies of all sizes to expand their reach. We analyze the problem and concept, design & implement solutions based on need and intent. Most importantly, we value the long-term working relationships we’ve built with the people like you behind the brand. We see that as the key to the success of not just our company, but our clients’ as well.

Cultured Biker - Graphic Regime apparel
Plantronics - Graphic Regime packaging design
Bell Helmets - Graphic Regime helmet design

After the confidence we gained during our first meeting, we awarded Chris and Matt all of our design work from brand development and advertising to product and web design. Our trust was well placed. We really feel they’re a part of our team and are lucky to have engaged them from the very beginning. This is an exceptional design firm.

– Danielle Barnes, Owner : Cultured Biker

Chris assisted the Plantronics consumer group with several challenging projects requiring high-end design beyond our in-house capabilities. He took a very creative visual approach with our premium products including packaging, user guides and icons helping them to stand out on the shelf. His team understands retail and corporate, professional brands.

- Jenny Scothorn, Product Marketing Manager, Gaming : Plantronics

Chris is not just supremely talented but incredibly easy to work with. He took on several challenging helmet designs that required the eye of a true designer. He delivered 100% on target and his helmet graphics were a BIG hit at retail. His team’s talent doesn’t stop there… intricate technical instructional illustration… they make it all look so easy!

– Candace Wright, Art Director : Blackburn Cycling Accessories



Plantronics packaging - Graphic Regime
UCSC - Xylem the code of plants - Graphic Regime
Aikane Surf apparel - Graphic Regime
Schwager Davis - SDI - Graphic Regime
Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms - Graphic Regime
Another Bike Shop - ABS - apparel Graphic Regime
Cultured Biker - Graphic Regime
GS Medical USA - Graphic Regime
Logos Branding - Graphic Regime
Bell Helmets - Graphic Regime
San Jose Repertory Theatre - SJRep - Graphic Regime


In short, we’re multi-disciplined communication experts. Much of our efforts revolve around brand building and corporate identity development from the ground up. For the most part, clients need more than a single piece of advertising. We excel at tying the customer experience together with cohesive messaging and visual communication across all marketing.

Branding Icon - Graphic Regime
/   BRANDING   \

It takes a split second to know if you like something, right? So that immediate gut reaction you have when you see or interact with a product is all important to your continued support or use of that certain”thing”. Branding is the essence of consumer identification with an organization, product or service. Building a passionate audience who truly believes in your product is the key to longevity in this world of growing choices. We strive to craft work that instantly grabs you.

Logos, Symbols, Icons, Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Messaging & Brand Voice
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Visual & Verbal Identity
  • Logo / Corporate Trademark
  • Collateral Systems
  • Brand Guidelines

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//   PRINT   \\

We cut our teeth on print marketing in the ’90’s and truly enjoy working with the medium for the freedom it allows us as visual designers. We’re all firmly planted in the digital age now and respect its impact, but there’s undeniable power to a piece you can touch and feel. Packaging, brochures, catalogs and magazine ads are some key avenues to make a statement with form factor, finishes and visual impact.

Packaging, Advertisements, Brochures, Menus, Catalogs, Direct Mail, POP, Tradeshow Booths

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Messaging & Brand Voice
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Creative Ideation
  • Content & Asset Development
  • Layout & Design
  • Production
  • Photoshoot Art Direction – Studio & Location
  • Print Buying
  • Vendor Acquisition & Management
  • Press Checks & Proof Approval

Digital Web Internet Icon - Graphic Regime
///   DIGITAL   \\\

We’re living in a progressive period of human history where the internets link us all together from our mobile-friendly fingertips. In a time of so much growth and flux in the digital landscape, it’s tough to keep up with trends, technology and common practices. We do this for you. We’re UX pros crafting positive human experiences through web development, online banner ads and eBlasts. We consult, plan, design, build, manage, track and report on all of those things.

Website Design & Development, Mobile App Design, Online Banners, eBlasts, Social Media Graphics

  • Content Strategy & Development
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Usability
  • Campaign Strategy & Planning
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Creative Ideation
  • Visual Design
  • Banner Animation
  • Mobile App Design
  • Responsive / Mobile Development


Graphic Regime, formerly known as Cj Design, is a Santa Cruz-based visual communications studio established by Creative Director, Chris Mark. Our specialty lies in branding & identity design, print marketing and web development to help companies of all kinds succeed with their advertising efforts. We recently underwent an agency rebrand after 15 years in business, refocusing on what we’ve found to be true over the years.

We believe wholeheartedly that success comes from connecting with the people behind the brand. We foster long-term client relationships built over time on hard work, collaboration and trust. Our experience includes work in the industries of action sports, agriculture, construction, education, entertainment, fashion, food & beverage, healthcare, technology and our work speaks for itself with nearly 100 advertising industry design awards.

Chris Mark - Creative Director / Designer - Graphic Regime

Chris Mark


B.S. Applied Art & Design
Cal Poly, SLO

Matt Farrar - Illustrator / Designer

Matt Farrar


B.F.A. Oil Painting & Print Making
Cornish College of the Arts

Graduate Degree
Scientific Illustration


Variety is good. Our expertise extends into most industries and markets. Below is a partial listing of some notable clients.

Amazon - Graphic Regime client
ebay - Graphic Regime client
Cisco Logo - Graphic Regime client
Plantronics - Graphic Regime client

Adobe - Graphic Regime client
Philips - Graphic Regime client
McAfee - Graphic Regime client
FireEye - Graphic Regime client

Nebual - Graphic Regime client
SDI - Graphic Regime client
UCSC - Graphic Regime client
Carsem - Graphic Regime client

Arts Council Santa Cruz County - Graphic Regime client
Santa Cruz Symphony - Graphic Regime client
Coldwell Banker - Graphic Regime client

GS Medical - Graphic Regime client
Physicians Medical Group - Graphic Regime Client
The Hope Institute - Graphic Regime client
Tanimura & Antle - Graphic Regime client

Bell Helmets - Graphic Regime client
Another Bike Shop - Graphic Regime client
Cultured Biker - Graphic Regime client
Snow Bomb - Graphic Regime client

Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms - Graphic Regime client
Shift - Graphic Regime client
Hotline Wetsuits - Graphic Regime client
Blackburn - Graphic Regime client

Oneill Surf Shop - Graphic Regime client


We’re humble designers that enjoy our clients’ success. With those successes come acknowledgement of a job well done. Well, we’ve done a good job – again and again and are proud of our list of nearly 100 international graphic design awards. We are members of the International Academy of the Visual Arts and serve on the panel of judges each year to help promote progressive design in our field.


The American Advertising Awards : 3
American Graphic Design Awards : 11
Communicator Awards : 10
Creativity Annual Awards : 6
Create Awards : 1
Graphic Design USA : 6
Hermes Creative Awards : 16
Horizon Interactive Awards : 6
MarCom Creative Awards : 19
Summit International Awards : 9
The Davey Awards : 2
W3 Awards : 1


Hey, you made it to the bottom of the page – nice job! You must have a project in mind, so get in touch and we’ll set up an initial consultation to gauge your advertising needs. We are actively seeking like-minded clients.

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